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Emerging Markets and Asia:
Out of the Wilderness

22 February 2023, 1.00pm – 2.00pm GMT

Virtual Event


The past year has radically altered the outlook for investment markets. Hard currency inflation and the steady creep of deglobalisation have brought an end to free money. Companies formed on high concept growth strategies are having to restructure. Emerging and Asian markets, especially those with a positive earnings proposition, are once more attracting attention.

Join us online on Wednesday 22 February at 1.00pm – 2.00pm GMT to hear from our leading fund management teams including Andrew Parry, Head of Investments, and Fund Managers, Ivo St Kovachev, Ada Chan and Samir Mehta.

Live stream

The live stream of the virtual event is available to view on the below link. The event will begin at 1.00pm.

Live event


1.00pm – 1.05pm Welcome address: Luke Bridges, Head of Institutional Sales – Europe, UK, and Asia
1.05pm – 1.10pm Why Emerging Markets and Asia: Andrew Parry, Head of Investments
1.10pm – 1.55pm Panel Debate: Ivo St Kovachev, Senior Fund Manager, Ada Chan, Fund Manager, and Samir Mehta, Senior Fund Manager
1.55pm – 2.00pm Closing remarks and thank you: Luke Bridges


Andrew Parry

Head of Investments
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Ivo St Kovachev

Senior Fund Manager, JOHCM Emerging Markets
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Ada Chan

Fund Manager, JOHCM Global Emerging Markets Opportunities
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Samir Mehta

Senior Fund Manager, JOHCM Asia Ex Japan
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Luke Bridges

Head of Institutional Sales – Europe, UK, and Asia
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